Risk Assessment & Decision Making


Risk assessment & decision making involves estimating the likeliness and consequence of various risks involved in any resource project.


The resource sector involves geological, mining, occupational safety and health,
environmental and process risks in addition to metal price risk etc which can impact on the project. A risk assessment must be carried out for all development projects as a matter of course even at the study stage. This approach is critical at an early stage to identify the key risks.

Risk assessment involves estimating the likeliness and consequence of various risks involved in any resource project. Once appropriate risk assessment has been carried out, risk management methods can be implemented to minimise or even eliminate risks.

METS has developed the Risk Assessment & Decision Making Course, which focuses on the process of risk assessment, determination of quantitative or qualitative value of risk and how to develop mitigation strategies to minimise risk.

Key Learning Outcomes:

This course provides a wealth of experience and case studies for the attendee. Personnel attending this course will become familiar with risk assessment, the methods employed, decision making and how to manage the risks involved within the resource sector. The course will treat the subjects in sufficient detail to provide a very good understanding of risk assessment.

Course Programme:

(Subject to change & customisation for your requirements)

  1. Introduction
  2. Sources of Risk
  3. Risk Assessment Methods
  4. Hazard Studies
  5. Reliability
  6. Standards & Legislation
  7. Loss Prevention
  8. Inherently Safe Design
  9. Decision Making
  10. Risk Management
  11. Crisis Management
  12. Sustainable Development
  13. Environment Risk
  14. Studies & Sample Forms
  15. Case Studies

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed to provide a full understanding of the elements of risk analysis and is suitable for mining personnel, project managers, geologists, senior mine engineers, metallurgical engineers, financiers and researchers. Training providers, suppliers to the resource sector, technologists, brokers and investors can also benefit. It assumes no prior knowledge and participants will receive comprehensive course notes on CD and a certificate upon completion of the course.

For a brochure, further information on this course or to register please contact our training department on +61 8 9421 9000 or send an email to training@metsengineering.com

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