Process Plant Optimisation

(1 Day Training Course)

Process Plant Optimisation


Know-how for process plant optimisation and improvements.


Basic knowledge, tools and techniques needed to drive an optimisation culture and different optimisation processes currently conducted in industry are explored. Benchmarking of process plant is highlighted and strategies to start an optimisation process assessed. Suitable for mining personnel, project managers, senior mine and processing plant operating staff, engineers and researchers.

Key Learning Outcomes:

There are many benefits of attending this course. Throughout the course, participants will improve their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Understand the need for process improvement and ways to maximise production and minimise costs
  • Benchmark plant performance with best practice and set standards
  • Provide strategies and methods to develop a workable action plant to optimise a mineral processing plant
  • Identify cost savings involved and increases in revenue
  • Develop proposals with budgets, schedules and the resources required
  • Convince management of the need to optimise the process
  • Monitor and assess the changes

Course Programme:

(Subject to change & customisation for your requirements)

  1. Introduction
  2. Auditing the Process Plant
  3. Benchmarking
  4. Continuous Improvement
  5. Recognising Opportunities
  6. Crushing Plants Optimisation
  7. Grinding Circuits Optimisation
  8. Flotation Circuits Optimisation
  9. Managing the Risk and Reliability of Process
  10. Plants
  11. Action Planning The Economics of Mineral
  12. Processing Plant
  13. Optimisation
  14. Convincing the Management
  15. Monitoring and Assessing the Change

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed to provide key knowledge of Mineral Processing Plant Optimisation to mining personnel, mine managers, accountants, design engineers, mechanical engineers, project managers, process operators, metallurgical engineers, process engineers and process supervisors involved in mineral processing plants. It will provide methods and procedures to undertake process plant optimisation and the critical steps in undertaking this. It will particularly assist those involved in managing or maintaining process plants and personnel involved in continuous improvement.

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Process Plant Optimisation

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