Mine Dewatering

(1 Day Training Course)

Mine Dewatering


Mine dewatering control and management.


Dewatering in the mining sector is an essential process of removing water from a location and is crucial in accessing underground areas.

Groundwater can pose major engineering, financial and environmental problems to the mine; every mine site needs to account for dewatering during its operation. Dewatering needs for each site vary depending on environmental and geological considerations. Since most mine operations are susceptible to flooding, uncontrolled water levels can lead to catastrophic flooding that shuts down operations with costly consequences.

To tackle these challenges, it is crucial that the groundwater conditions, project requirements and site availability are thoroughly studied. A reliable dewatering plan is essential to ensure a steady supply of process water throughout a mine site while also removing excess water from working areas to allow for excavations, tunnels, shafts and other constructions to be built below the natural groundwater level.

Selecting the right dewatering design is a critical step in any mining project. Several methods can be employed to effectively control groundwater for construction and mining. Three major dewatering categories are:

  • Isolating water from the excavation site
  • Allowing water to flow into the excavation and be pumped away by sump pumping
  • Lowering the water table in advance by deepwells
  • Removing water behind pitwalls

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the basic units related to mine dewatering
  • Have a basic knowledge of the equipment used in dewatering and their operating characteristics
  • Understand the principle of dewatering operation and the application to various mine conditions
  • Recognition of potential hazards
  • Gain sufficient knowledge and skill to assist with training of others

Course Programme:

(Subject to change & customisation for your requirements)

  1. Introduction to dewatering
  2. Open pit detwatering
  3. Hydrogeology
  4. Pumps and pumping submerisbles
  5. Design of systems and implementation
  6. Conclusion
  7. Final Quiz session

Who Should Attend?

The course is designed to provide key knowledge to mining personnel, project managers, geologists, senior mine engineers and researchers. The course can also benefit training providers, suppliers to the resource industry, technologists, brokers and investors. It assumes no prior knowledge and participants will receive comprehensive notes upon completion of the course.

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Mine Dewatering

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