Mine Closure & Rehab

(2 Day Training Course)

Mine Closure & Rehab


Process and best practices of mine closure & rehab.


This course gives an introduction to Mine Closure and rehabilitation. This includes the rules and regulations, as well as why it’s important to follow these. It goes into the process of rehabilitation of sites and mine closure at the feasibility stage through to closure. Using case studies to look at opportunities to improve the process over time as well as how to monitor and caretaking until you can walk away.

Key Learning Outcomes:

This course teaches you to identify and evaluate closure risks and opportunities, understand the importance of project management in executing closure plans, and explain success criteria and monitoring programs for driving relinquishment.

  • Integrated Mine Closure Process
  • Upskilling
  • Proactively contributes to planning and execution.
  • Rapidly upskills in crucial process.
  • Adds value to roles.
  • Uses knowledge for higher-level opportunities.

Course Programme:

(Subject to change & customisation for your requirements)

DAY 1:

  1. Introduction
  2. Legislation & Regulations
  3. Mine Closure Plans
  4. The Rehabilitation Process

DAY 2:

  1. Stakeholder Communication
  2. Opportunities to Improve Mine
  3. Closure & Rehabilitation
  4. Monitoring & Caretaking
  5. Case Studies

Who Should Attend?

  • Mid-level managers (Coordinators and Superintendents)
  • Subject Matter Experts (Specialists) in Mining Industry. Includes mine planners, engineers, practitioners, finance, legal, social, safety/health, HR and environmental.
  • Mine Closure Practitioners seeking knowledge and skill refreshment.

For a brochure, further information on this course or to register please contact our training department on +61 8 9421 9000 or send an email to training@metsengineering.com

Mine Closure & Rehab

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