Hydrogen Course


Fundamentals of hydrogen energy for mining.


Delegates will gain in-depth knowledge of hydrogen energy production,
delivery, storage and use, specifically for mining. The course will cover the history
and its future uses. This course is best for engineers, professionals and students who are interested in working within the hydrogen industry, but will also benefit
those who are interested in understanding how hydrogen works.

Key Learning Outcomes:

There are many benefits of attending this course. Throughout the course, participants will improve their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Hydrogen Energy Fundamentals and Storage.
  • Hydrogen energy production methods, with a focus on electrolysis for renewable energy.
  • Storage methods and the process of electrical energy generation using fuel cell technology.
  • Hydrogen economy and future trends.
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges with hydrogen.
  • Understand hydrogen properties and safety, including its application in production plants and refuelling stations.

Course Programme:

(Subject to change & customisation for your requirements)

  1. Introduction
  2. Production of Hydrogen
  3. Transportation of Hydrogen
  4. Cost Comparison
  5. Fuel Cells
  6. Applications
  7. Safety
  8. Case Studies

Who Should Attend?

The course is designed to provide key knowledge to understand of how hydrogen is produced, stored, and utilized for energy applications to mining personnel, project managers, geologists, senior mine and processing plant operating staff, engineers and researchers.

It is also designed for students who are interested in the hydrogen industry and want to understand hydrogens future potential. The course can also benefit training providers, suppliers to the resource industry, technologists, brokers and investors. It assumes no prior knowledge and participants will receive comprehensive notes.

For a brochure, further information on this course or to register please contact our training department on +61 8 9421 9000 or send an email to training@metsengineering.com

Hydrogen Course

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