Best Practices in Mineral Processing

Best Practices in Mineral Processing Course


The concepts behind best practices in mineral processing.


The basic concept behind best practice for mineral processing is that of “inherently safer design”. This concept is based on the idea of safety being a primary consideration at every stage of the design progress, finding ways to remove risks from the process, rather than putting up barriers between them. This is a focus from initial feasibility studies right through to the final implemented design, including the process selected, plant layout, unit operations and the general safety of all personal surroundings that may be affected by the plant. It should be ensured that these considerations be used to adjust the design process to ensure problems are averted.

By combining the above and running through the design process, a plant design can be achieved that will deliver not only a on specification product at a good profit level, but will also do so with the greatest care for personal, operability and environmental considerations, saving considerable money once up and running.

Key Learning Outcomes:

The benefits of attending a course such as this are numerous. Participants will gain an understanding on the best practices in mineral processing through a series of case studies. These case studies will act as a reference to current projects on the following topics: soft ores, hard ores, copper gold ores, magnetite ores, refractory gold ores, complex base metal ores and iron ores.

Course Programme:

(Subject to change & customisation for your requirements)

  1. Introduction
  2. Case Study 1 – Soft Ores
  3. Case Study 2 – Hard Ores
  4. Case Study 3 – Copper Gold Ores
  5. Case Study 4 – Magnetite Ore
  6. Case Study 5 – Complex Base Metals Ore
  7. Case Study 6 – DSO Iron Ore Project
  8. Key Success Factors

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is designed to provide knowledge of a wide range of aspects regarding the best practices in mineral processing to project managers, geologists, senior mine and processing plant operating staff, engineers and researchers. The course can also benefit training providers, suppliers to the resource industry, technologists, accountants, brokers and investors. It requires no pre-requisite knowledge.

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