Testwork Plan Development

Testwork Plan Development

METS can develop a testwork plan for all commodities. The plan is developed based on the level of study for which the work is to be undertaken from Sighter testwork and conceptual studies through to Feasibility studies.

A program of testwork might include:

  • Determining the comminution characteristics of the ore and defining the likely behaviour of the ore in crushing and grinding processes;
  • Evaluation of pre-concentration options to reduce the mass of material to be processed;
  • Conducting bench scale testwork, especially to determine the relationship between size and mineral liberation;
  • Conduct variability testing on samples taken across and through the ore body; and/or
  • Generate sufficient data for metallurgical flowsheet preparation for the particular level of study.

The plans indicate all testwork required and sample type and weight requirements are also indicated. In addition, a testwork description is developed – particularly if the testwork requirement is extensive – and issued to the client.

Following the testwork plan development, METS can issue the plan to laboratories for quotation or tender and can make recommendations to the client for the preferred laboratory to do the testwork. METS will then manage the testwork and issue the results and interpretation of those results to the client in the form of a testwork report.

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