Specialised Services

Specialised services

The METS team has over the last 30+ years serviced the resource industry in all regions of the world. Our team has a broad range of specialised services including the area of expert witness, due diligence, optimisation, financial modelling, metallurgical accounting and audits.

Specialised services mets team

Starting with your initial enquiry, a senior member of the METS team will advise you on how to best proceed with addressing your engineering problem. We will always involve you in the decision making process with clear and concise fee proposals at every stage of your project. We value regular communication and provide you with written project status reports to ensure you are fully briefed on the progress of your project.

It is our goal to help our clients achieve greater value from their projects by delivering valued outcomes – reduced costs, greater efficiencies, risk mitigation, clearer understanding, steps on how to move a project forward and greater operational accountability. Although the current business conditions pose challenges for many of our clients, we are working alongside each of them to deliver resilience and strength to their projects. We are dedicated to helping you achieve success. A testament that is reflected in our nearly 30 year history.