Simulation and Debottlenecking

Simulation and Debottlenecking

Process simulation and debottlenecking is a service that METS currently offers where we have a range of software packages available for this. Our team of simulation experts can assist with simulations to reduce risk, estimate mass balances and equipment sizes and determine the optimum arrangement of unit operations.

METS uses different processes and software packages to model and simulate a range of unit and metallurgical processes:

  • Comminution circuit optimisation;
  • Mass balances;
  • Energy balances;
  • Crushing and screening circuits;
  • Conveyor design;
  • Process flowsheets; and
  • Plant configurations.

Simulations assist us in reducing risk, estimating mass balances and equipment sizes, and when used in the design stage, determine the optimum arrangement of unit and metallurgical operations, i.e. for plant optimisation, expansions and circuit modifications.

A range of information and outcomes are produced from data analysis, optimisation, design and simulation. This includes the storage and manipulation of models to assist us in testing a variety of plant configurations with no disruption to the plant. As a result the best alternatives are tested when it comes time for a plant trial and the effects on production are minimised.

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