Sighter Testwork

sighter testwork

Crucial inputs to flowsheet development are the metallurgical results obtained from testing mineral samples. The result of the metallurgical testwork has a defining influence on all the process units of a mineral processing plan. Testwork is necessary from the plant development phase through to the end of life of the mine. Sighter testwork establishes if the metals can be extracted from the ore easily or if not possible. It is a critical upfront benchmark.

METS provides the management of metallurgical tests from beginning to end. In the various study stages, metallurgical testwork is required to optimise the mineral processing method and guide equipment selection. METS works in close collaboration with laboratories to plan and supervise testwork programs on behalf of clients. The supervision of the program enables a proactive evaluation of the testwork results and on-the-fly adjustment to the testplan, if necessary. METS has accumulated considerable experience in planning, conducting and supervising many types of metallurgical testwork.

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