Process Plant Audits

Process Plant Audits

Process plant audits are an invaluable tool in continuous improvement. Part of the process is to benchmark the project. Plant Audit services are popular in times of economic crisis when organisations re-focus on efficiency and maximum performance of their operation. Each organisation is unique and may choose to audit or optimise for a multitude of very different reasons. These can range from reduction of operating cost to improving process plant throughput, improving plant recovery or re-assessing waste management options.

A variety of different methodologies are used to conduct a plant audit including sampling, data analysis, computer modelling, a plan/site visit, benchmarking, sampling assaying, and more.

Benefits of process plant audits are:

  • Improved overall plant economics;
  • Application of new technologies;
  • Improved asset performance;
  • Reduced risk levels;
  • Improved recovery;
  • Reduced cost;
  • Improved product quality;
  • Provide a “road map” for organisation to follow to achieve improved conversion efficiency and utilities consumption, lower wastage and enhanced plant management;
  • Reduced plant cycle times;
  • Improved resource utilization;
  • Provide early warnings of plant failure through trend monitoring leading to less downtime for breakdown maintenance;
  • Optimised sampling system;
  • Provide rapid project evaluation;
  • Reduced plant emissions;
  • Improved environment for operators;
  • Establish KPIs;
  • Reduced energy costs through optimisation of power consumption; and
  • Rapidly re-evaluate life-of-mine strategies for changes in economic environments.

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