Process Modelling

Process Modelling

In early-stage development, it is vital to use process modelling to ensure the correct characterisation of the system and to assess the performance of the full-scale plant to meet defined process objectives. This phase assesses technology and configurations before cost-effectively starting new projects.

For an existing plant, process modelling is used to evaluate the impacts of increasing throughput or modifying portions of the process. A number of comminution options can be explored for example and results predicted at the early design stage. Modelling requires engineers to establish design and operating criteria, which can reveal areas of uncertainty. Process modelling can separately access these areas through ways such as conducting testwork. If feed materials or operating conditions change over time, dynamic models are highly useful.

METS Engineering has extensive experience in developing process models using software platforms:

  • JK SimMet
  • LIMN
  • HSC Chemistry
  • BRNO
  • Pump selection
  • Grind Optimisation
  • Mill Models
  • OPEX Models
  • Helix
  • Financial Modelling
  • Custom-Programmed Models (Excel, VisualBasic, FORTRAN)

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