Plant Optimisation

METS has considerable experience in plant optimisation around the world on a number of projects as a means of increasing profitability and reducing costs. Optimisation is not optional, it is a necessity in mineral processing plants. The small relative outlay compared with the financial benefits is a compelling motivation. The input of considerable experience, fresh ideas, new technology and optimisation of the existing technology can lead to much improved plant performance.

Advantages of plant optimisation are:

  • Improved recovery and reduced costs;
  • Improved overall plant economics;
  • Application of new technologies;
  • Improved asset performance;
  • Increase in product quality;
  • Provides a “road map” for organisation to follow to achieve improved conversion efficiency and utilities consumption, lower wastage and enhanced plant management;
  • Reduction in plant cycle times;
  • Reduction in number of samples required;
  • Plant emissions reduced;
  • Improved environment for operators;
  • Reduced energy costs through optimisation of electricity;
  • Early warnings of plant failure through trend monitoring lead to less downtime for emergency repairs;
  • Improved resource utilization;
  • Reduced risk levels;
  • Rapid re-evaluation of life-of-mine strategies for changes in economic environment; and
  • Rapid project evaluation.

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