Metallurgical Accounting

metallurgical accounting

Metallurgical accounting relates to mineral processing plants which substitutes metals, concentrates or residues in place of the traditional monetary information. It includes the collection of plant data, technical information, record keeping, report production and a general scope of functions that many plant operators don’t consider.

The overall purpose of metallurgical accounting is to provide management with information that can be used to control costs across mining and metallurgical operations. The decisions that are taken based on the information provided by the metallurgical accounting system should result in improved control and ultimately increased revenue.

METS provides up-to-date information that can be used to control mining and metallurgical operation accuracy. This involves checking of systems and procedures and establishing if they balance. This can be undertaken for all commodities.

In the past the METS team has found that existing metallurgical accounting system have not been implemented and operated very well in some plants due to, among others factors, a lack of operator experience and training, lack of understanding of metallurgical accounting principles and no written procedures. METS has over the years assisted many operations by completing a metallurgical accounting audit and where weaknesses are identified, developed systems and procedures to ensure metallurgical accounting standards are met.

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