Concept/Scoping Study

Concept and scoping Study

The Scoping Study is the first attempt at assessing the business case established by the venture analysis and the basic project parameters such as geological and deposit characterization, mineral resource configuration, head-grade, product quality, production rate, power requirements and water consumption. This phase identifies whether or not it is financially viable to continue exploration of the deposit. It also establishes the scope of the project, and a conceptual outline of the project architecture, which includes the development of preliminary process flowsheets, preliminary site location plan, conceptual plant layouts, and plant and support facility descriptions.

This may evaluate at a high level a number of options in order to establish the most likely route. The engineering is at a high level with a low order of accuracy. With an accuracy level of about +/- 50% we will identify whether or not it is viable to proceed to pre-feasibility stage.

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