Uranium is found in more than 200 different minerals which are mostly prevalent in granite and sedimentary rocks. Mined ore is milled and beneficiated before undergoing hydrometallurgical processing. Hydrometallurgical processing usually involves leaching the ore with alkali or acid to extract the uranium. The leached solution is then purified typically via solvent extraction or ion exchange and is then and precipitated to produce uranium oxide (U3O8), commonly referred to as yellow cake.

Predominantly used as fuel in nuclear power reactors to generate electricity and is also useful in the production of radioisotopes used in a variety of fields including medicine and food processing.

Range of Uranium Capabilities:

  • Metallurgical testplans
  • Project management
  • Metallurgical summary reports
  • Flowsheets
  • Mass balances
  • P&IDs
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Project implementation
  • Engineering studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Process description/Equipment lists
  • Detailed design

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Uranium Project Experience:

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Sharing Our Knowledge:

Uranium Processing Course

We offer a one day uranium processing course that is designed to offer participants in-depth knowledge of the specific unit processes associated with processing, topics include geology and ore genesis, mining considerations, mineralogy and processing, oHs issues, the regulatory environment and case studies are discussed. For anyone interested in the industry and assumes no prior knowledge, suited for support industries and financial investors who require fundamental understanding of the industry. Read more about our course here.