Iron Ore

Australia is the largest producer of iron ore in the world, producing approximately 37% of the world’s production (USGS 2018). Iron ore is categorised depending on where it is produced and priced, by its iron content and level of impurities. The main minerals associated with iron ore processing are hematite (Fe2O3), magnetite (Fe3O4) and goethite (FeO·OH). The processing of iron ore is relatively simple, which involves concentrating the iron by removing impurities via communition and beneficiation to produce a high-grade product. The beneficiation methods depend on the iron ore mineral but can include magnetic separation, scrubbing, flotation and beneficiation through size classification.

The primary use of iron ore is in the manufacturing of irons and steels. Steel is produced by smelting iron ore to reduce the iron oxides to form pig iron before having impurities such as silicon, phosphorous and sulphur removed to form a steel product.

Range of Capabilities:

  • Metallurgical test plans
  • Project management
  • Metallurgical summary reports
  • Flowsheets
  • Mass balances
  • P&IDs
  • Scoping study
  • Definitive study
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Project implementation
  • Engineering studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Process description/Equipment lists
  • Detailed design
  • Feasibility study
iron ore

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Project Experience:

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Goldman SachsConfidentialIron Ore Review
MinotaurMutooroo Iron Ore ProjectConfidential
Venus MetalsYalgoo Iron Ore ProjectTestwork & Scoping Study
Iron Road LtdGawler Iron ProjectTestwork
Iron Road LtdConfidentialPre-Feasibility Study
Brockman ResourcesMarillanaFEED Review
PoscoRoy HillDesign Review
FMGIron Bridge North StarMagnetite Project Review
BehreDolbear AustraliaArgyle ProjectDue Diligence
BehreDolbear AustraliaTallering PeakProcess Review
Shree MineralsHematiteDSO Testwork
A&M MineralsMalobog Iron Sands ProjectTestwork
Scandinavian ResourcesKiruna ProjectTestwork
Accent ResourcesConfidentialDue Dilligence
Simec MiningMiddleback RangesProcessing Concept Study
Reed ResourcesBarrambie ProjectBankable Feasibility Study
Rio TintoMt Tom PriceMetallurgical Work
Rio TintoWarrieder ProjectPreliminary Metallurgical Assessment
Rio TintoParaburdooMetallurgical Work
Portman MiningConfidentialMagnetite Study
Mayur ResourcesPNG Iron SandsPreliminary Scoping Study
AMCPelletsingPFS Testwork
GolderNimba Iron Ore ProjectTechnical Review

Sharing Our Knowledge:

Iron Ore Processing Course

Iron mineralogy and mining techniques as well as factors to be considered in blending of ores from a processing perspective, topics such as comminution and beneficiation of ore, process analytical methods and commonly utilised pyrometallurgical extraction processes for iron manufacture are discussed. Suitable for anyone interested in the industry and commodity as no prerequisite knowledge is required. Read more about our course here.