Sustainability & Policies

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

METS is committed to providing a safe work environment, safe work practices and safe work systems for all personnel, contractors and visitors. This is done by adopting a proactive approach to all work tasks, actions and designs, ensuring they are undertaken with due consideration to health and safety protocols, and the surrounding environment.

Planning and assessment are the foundation to organised and controlled work practices, fostering health, safety and environmental awareness. This is the culture that METS strives for in all our undertakings.

“We are serious about health, safety & the environment, and believe that all accidents are preventable”

Through our actions and activities we are committed to promote:

  • A safe work place;
  • Safe systems that promote and encourage a safety culture;
  • The assessment, recognition, elimination or control of hazards within the work place;
  • Supervision and support of personnel and clients;
  • Training, ongoing development and skills maintenance which endeavours to strengthen our resolve in the identification and control of health, safety and environmental issues;
  • Occupational Health and Safety as a shared responsibility with all personnel, contractors and visitors; and
  • The availability, training and use of personal protective equipment.

Responsibility, commitment and resolve are essential to the success of this policy and maintaining:

  • Company Responsibility: The Company ranks health and safety as its top priority and is committed to providing a safe work place. The Company will promote safe systems of work and regularly audit these systems to measure their effectiveness.
  • Supervisors’ Responsibility: Supervisors will communicate and implement safety plans, including safety training. They will consider safety as the prime factor when designing, implementing or approving work systems and prevent work where unsafe conditions are observed.
  • Personnel/Contractors Responsibility: All personnel/contractors have a responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others, and must take immediate action to remove or secure any unsafe condition, immediately notifying their supervisor. Personnel/contractors must take steps to identify hazards associated with their work and where identified undertake a job safety analysis and implement control measures to ensure safe systems of work.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Impact

At METS we place high value on protecting the environment and we aim to be environmentally sensitive to the environment, through environmentally sustainable building design, energy efficiency improvements and waste reduction initiatives. We keep abreast of developing technologies which aim to protect and remedy adverse effects on the environment.

METS as an Employer

METS is an equal opportunity employer and values its employees and their families. We provide flexible working arrangements to accommodate study, family and health commitments. We hold regular employee social events to foster positive relationships amongst employees. METS encourage and provide professional development programs and mentoring to all employees.

Industry Development

METS recognises the importance of promoting and supporting a sustainable and co-operative mining industry. We are members of multiple professional and industry associations which support and service the metallurgical and engineering professions and mining industry. At METS we also encourage our employees to be involved in industry events and associations.

Community Support

METS believes in supporting worthwhile endeavours. We are committed to backing our communities by regularly supporting various charities by fundraising, donations and event sponsorship. Our employees are also encouraged to be involved in community events. It is important for METS that we contribute and are actively involved in our local communities.